How To Last Longer In Bed With Adam Davey’s Last Longer Now Program

Relationships coach Adam Davey has recently released his anticipated eBook on how to last longer in bed  and the team at KTB Mag have been able to check it out, and let me just say that if you have a problem with premature ejaculation this will be an absolute game changer for you.

There’s been a few online premature ejaculation guides floating around the net for a while now but quite frankly they have been downright disappointing. Many with flashy websites promising the world but with the same old regurgitated rubbish within the book.

Last Longer Now is different and here’s why

Adam has worked face to face with guys with severe premature ejaculation for years and has used this experience to constantly refine his methods and techniques to pinpoint what really works for you.

Adam points out that back in 2003 he started carrying out surveys on the success of his system.  Back they it was able to help 63% of premature ejaculation effected men improve their lasting time to an average of 25 minutes. Well that’s not to bad, but check this out. The same surveys carried out with Adams new Last Longer Now system have shown that a whopping 98% of guys

How does it work?

It’s all based around 7 core skill sets that can be worked on in isolation. Adam says that this ensures that all the bases are covered and gives a rock solid foundation that ensures that it’s almost impossible to fail. Unlike most attempts to treat premature ejaculation Last Longer Now looks at both the physical and mantel factors at play and demonstrates how they all work together.

What it covers

Here’s a list of some of the skill-sets covered by the program that we liked.

  • How to understand your body’s arousal responses and control them
  • 3 Breathing techniques and when to use each of them
  • How to control the ejaculatory reflex (This is the involuntary twitching of the PC muscles that can lead to early ejaculation
  • Understand how various potions and techniques effect your control and know exactly when to use each one
  • How to put yourself “in the zone” during sex
  • Key methods to turn back the clock and cool your ejaculatory system
  • Skills to avoid unwanted muscular tension that can trigger an early ejaculation
  • Practical methods to develop focus and confidence in bed

There’s plenty more in the but as you can see, Adam has covered a lot of stuff to start boosting lasting time right away. If you are one of the 40 percent of males troubled by premature ejaculation or would simple like to boost your performance to that next level, Last Longer Now will be just what you have been looking for.

Where to get it

You can find out more information about how to last longer in bed with the Last Longer Now guide at where Adam goes into great detail about exactly what this system can do for you